The California Civil Rights Coalition (CCRC) is a statewide community of civil rights organizations, activists, educators, lawyers, and advocates representing a wide range of issues and working as one to create a just and healthy society.

We stand for quality education for all, good jobs, affordable housing, access for people with disabilities, safe neighborhoods, environmental justice, LGBTQ equality, a fair criminal justice system, access to healthcare and transit, economic equity, immigrants’ rights, social equity, racial justice, increased opportunities for disadvantaged communities, and a populace, government and business community that share a responsibility to ensuring human dignity for all Californians.

Our History

In 1985, Clarence Thomas, then Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), was attempting to implement regulations so that proving employment discrimination would become more difficult.

A group of civil rights advocates came together and succeeded in challenging Thomas’s new restrictions and the resulting coalition led to the formation of what was then called the California Coalition for Civil Rights (CaCCR).

The founders of the coalition recognized that advocates from different issue areas needed to come together to seek a just and healthy California for all.

In the same manner that counties offer mutual aid to each other, civil rights-minded activists, lawyers, scholars, advocates, policy-makers, students and community members must also come to each other’s aid and/or defense. They imagined a California that integrates all people into the folds of society with equal access to opportunity and the pursuit of happiness.

Since then, the California Civil Rights Coalition (CCRC) has successfully blocked the confirmation of conservative judges such as Judge Robert Bork, and has also fought against the passage of racist and discriminatory ballot initiatives such as Prop 187 in 1994, Prop 209 in 1996 and Prop 8 in 2008.

In addition, CCRC held a tribunal at Stanford to investigate the abuse of workers and other unfair labor practices at Webb Ranch. It has regularly facilitated the support of the coalition to our member’s efforts to seek progressive policy for our constituents.

In 2015, CCRC had nearly 100 organizational members statewide and supported our members’ issues ranging from disability rights to housing access, from immigrant rights to economic justice.

CCRC evolved from a reactive, ad hoc coalition of groups to a sustained, statewide alliance advancing a progressive public policy agenda in California.  The coalition envisions a California that affords equal access to economic, social and civic opportunity to the state’s growing majority.