CCRC Statewide Proposition Recommendations

While a great deal of attention is being given to the national stage as we approach the midterm elections, there are many other important and consequential choices we will have to make this November that will impact our community as well.

We know that the number of candidates and measures can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to statewide propositions. The CCRC Steering Committee has reviewed the California propositions and has put together our recommendations for each one:

Proposition 1: Authorizes Bonds to Fund Specified Housing Assistance Programs ENDORSE

Proposition 2: Authorizes Bonds to Fund Existing Housing Program for Individuals with Mental Illness  ENDORSE

Proposition 3: Authorizes Bonds to Fund Projects for Water Supply and Quality, Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Water Conveyance, and Groundwater Sustainability and Storage  ENDORSE

Proposition 4: Authorizes bonds funding construction at hospitals providing children’s health care  ENDORSE

Proposition 5: Changes Requirements for Certain Property Owners to Transfer Their Property Tax Base to Replacement Property OPPOSE

Proposition 6: Eliminates Certain Road Repair and Transportation Funding. Requires Certain Fuel Taxes and Vehicle Fees be Approved by the Electorate OPPOSE

Proposition 7: Conforms California Daylight Savings Time to Federal Law. Allows Legislature to Change Daylight Savings Time Period  NO POSITION

Proposition 8: Regulates Amounts Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Clinics Charge for Dialysis Treatment  NO POSITION

Proposition 9 was removed from the November 6, 2018 ballot by the California Supreme Court.

Proposition 10: Expands Local Governments’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential Property  ENDORSE

Proposition 11: Requires Private-Sector Emergency Ambulance Employees to Remain on Call During Work Breaks. Changes Other Conditions of Employment NO POSITION

Proposition 12: Establishes New Standards for Confinement of Certain Farm Animals. Bans Sale of Certain Non-Complying Products   NO POSITION

We hope you find these recommendations helpful. If you would like more information on any of the propositions, please visit the Official Voter Information Guide (available in multiple languages).

Prof. Joyce Vance: Protect Your Vote

This post is an adaptation of tweets from Prof. Joyce Vance of Alabama Law, former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama under President Obama.

Here’s a little public service announcement about your vote & the November elections. If you live in a state that is pruning its voter rolls or moving people to inactive status & you want to make sure you can vote on 11/6, what should you do? Read on, the time to act is now.

The Nat’l Voter Registration Action, also called the Motor Voter Act, provides that list maintenance programs cannot be undertaken within 90 days of a federal election. What is list maintenance & why should you care?

You may have heard about states where eligible voters were mysteriously “pruned” from voting rolls or moved to ineligible status? Despite concerns this was done to suppress Democratic votes, SCOTUS upheld these roll maintenance programs, so states can continue to do this.

A neighbor, ironically a voting rights lawyer, was moved to inactive status, despite voting consistently, in Bama’s special election. Getting restored to active status was confusing & time consuming. He had to vote a provisional ballot & take steps to insure it counted.

How do you keep this from happening to you in November? The NVRA/Motor Voter Act prohibits states from engaging in voter roll maintenance closer than 90 days to an election. We are now within that 90 day timeframe. That means you should go & update your registration NOW.

Once you’ve updated your registration & are properly listed as an active voter, the state can’t remove you, since we’re within that 90 day timeframe. If you’re not registered already, please do. If you are registered, update all of your info. You can do it online, quickly.

That’s a simple way you & your friends & family can protect your right to vote. And it wouldn’t hurt to do a screen shot capture of your updated registration. Please spread the word. Interested in reading more about the NVRA? DOJ has some info here:

A great reminder from @Jordiew, go to to check/update your registration. This will work for all states. It took me under 30 seconds to confirm I’m registered to vote in November. Now go and confirm yours & share!

Bay Area Groups Demand Trump Administration Reunite Families and Respect the Rule of Law

Bay Area Professional, Religious and Community Organizations Demand Trump Administration Reunite Families and Respect the Rule of Law

Diverse group calls upon the Administration to adhere to Court order during rally at San Francisco Federal Building

A diverse group of Bay Area organizations will gather on July 26 to demand the Trump Administration immediately and fully comply with federal court orders to reunite families torn apart by the inhumane “zero tolerance” policy and to provide ongoing trauma treatment for affected children.

Representatives from professional, religious and community groups will join together at 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 26, 2018, at the San Francisco Federal Building (90 7th Street) to demand the United States government live up to the inalienable right to human dignity enshrined in our Constitution and to highlight the ongoing medical, legal, and moral emergency created by the government’s unconscionable conduct.

“The recent injunction to end family separation was a promise made in our names to reunite children and parents who have been separated the cruel policies of our government. As the Trump Administration continues to flaunt the rule of law, extending its manufactured crisis, we must remain vigilant to ensure every child is back in their parents’ arms without further delay,” said Ted Lempert, president of Children Now, a leading children’s rights advocacy and research group based in Oakland.

Today marks San Diego federal judge Dana Sabraw’s final deadline: families with children from five to seventeen years old must be reunited. Judge Sabraw recently admonished the government for its noncompliance with duly authorized orders from the court, focusing on the damage caused to these children by forcible separation from their parents. Child trauma experts have repeatedly warned that these actions may have lifelong medical and psychological impacts on affected children.

“Children’s health and well-being are adversely affected by these separations and the resulting institutional care. Harmful effects from the related toxic stress and trauma can last a lifetime.

Every attempt should be made to keep families together and out of detention as they await hearings,” said Kris Calvin, CEO of the American Academy of Pediatrics, California.

“Detention inflicts irreparable trauma on children,” said Jesse Hahnel, executive director of the National Center for Youth Law. “While the separation of children from their parents has justifiably sparked outrage, there are an additional ten thousand immigrant children sitting in federal detention facilities today, some of whom have been there for years. These children also need to be released to their families now.”

The court also called upon the government to allow for nonprofits to receive notice of the reunifications as “common courtesy,” in order to help facilitate reunification. Religious groups play a central role in this process, providing support to those in need at the border and during reunifications. Bay Area religious leaders continue to pressure the government to act righteously in the face of the crisis it created.

“Our teachings hold that we must love our neighbor, welcome the stranger and protect the vulnerable – and there’s no-one more vulnerable than these children. We must solve this crisis and do so now for all our children’s sake,” said Executive Pastor and Canon for Social Justice Ellen Clark-King of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

“We are taught that we must welcome the stranger living in our lands because we were once strangers in a strange land, to speak truth to power and to demand that justice roll down like a mighty stream. The Jewish people have seen this before and we will not be quiet in the face of something that goes against what we are taught,” said Rabbi Sydney Mintz of Congregation Emmanu-El in San Francisco and Bend the Arc Bay Area board member.

More than a dozen organizations representing thousands of Bay Area residents support today’s event. By including religious, legal, and medical leaders and national advocacy groups, today’s event presents a united front against this callous practice and in support of the institutions critical to the defense of our republic.

“Child separation and the ensuing abuses are a crime against humanity and a serious blow to due process and democratic governance. This policy has created an unprecedented Constitutional crises that must be addressed, but worse it has fostered an incredibly cruel and unhealthy environment for these families,” said Mary Kelly Persyn, child advocate, attorney, co-lead for Lawyer Moms of America – California and event organizer.

The speakers at the press conference will include, in alphabetical order:

  • Ellen Clark-King, Executive Pastor and Canon for Social Justice, Grace Cathedral
  • Dr. Lucy Crain, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Emerita, UCSF
  • Dr. Raul Gutierrez, Co-Lead, Pediatric Clinic San Francisco General Hospital
  • Jesse Hahnel, Executive Director, The National Center for Youth Law
  • Matt Haney, Commissioner, San Francisco Board of Education
  • Mary Kelly Persyn, Lawyer Moms of America
  • Brittney Rezaei, Immigrants Rights Attorney, CAIR – California

A partial list of supporting organizations includes: American Academy of Pediatrics — California, American Constitution Society — Bay Area Chapter, Bend the Arc, CAIR — California, California Campaign to Counter Childhood Adversity, Centro Legal de la Raza, Children Now, Congregation Emanu-El, Equal Justice Society, Grace Cathedral, HIAS, Lawyer Moms of America, Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area, Mount Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, National Center for Youth Law, San Francisco La Raza Lawyers’ Association, The Justice & Diversity Center of The Bar Association of San Francisco, The Kitchen, and University of San Francisco Law School Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic.

Media Contact:
Donald C. Cutler
Media Notes: Speakers will use a microphone; no mult box.

CCRC Meeting on Sept. 12

The CCRC steering committee has set the statewide meeting for Wednesday, September 12. The meeting will take place at the Ed Roberts Campus, 3075 Adeline Street, in Berkeley, CA, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Add yourself to the Facebook Event

We want to thank those of you who responded to our survey and also provided feedback on the meeting date. A few supporters indicated that they were not available on Sept. 12, and we apologize that we could not select a date that worked for everyone.

We’ll share more details soon. Thank you!