Prop 20: Redistricting of Congressional Districts

Prop 20: Redistricting of Congressional Districts

Summary: Removes elected representatives from the process of establishing congressional districts and transfers that authority to the recently-authorized 14-member redistricting commission. Redistricting commission is comprised of five Democrats, five Republicans, and four voters registered with neither party. Requires that any newly-proposed district lines be approved by nine commissioners including three Democrats, three Republicans, and three from neither party.

Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Probably no significant change in state redistricting costs.


CCRC endorses a ‘NO’ vote on Prop 20
CCRC finds Prop 20 to be premature. The new Citizens Redistricting Commission is in the midst of reforming the redistricting process which will redraw the lines for state Senate and Assembly districts. If passed, Proposition 20 would increase the commission’s workload by adding Congressional redistricting. We believe we need to assess the commission’s effectiveness before the commission’s responsibilities are significantly expanded.

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