How to Organize a Community Credit Union Symposium

Title: How to Organize a Community Credit Union Symposium
Location: The California Endowment 1111 Broadway, 7th Floor Oakland, CA 94607
Link out: Click here
Description: Community Development Credit Unions (CDCUs) and Low-income Credit Unions (LICUs) are community-owned, financial cooperatives that offer affordable credit and financial products that build wealth in low- and moderate-income urban and rural communities nationwide. Also known as community development financial institutions (CDFIs), these institutions help residents of disadvantaged communities survive difficult economic times by by building a culture of a savings, providing shared equity and active member-ownership that places people before profits.

Organized by the National Federation of CDCUs (Federation) with support from the Center for Responsible Lending, and the Black Economic Council, this symposium,will provide participants with an introduction to credit unions and look at ways low-income and minority communities can take advantage of credit union services to provide economic opportunity. Whether reaching out to an existing credit union, or organizing your own, this symposium will provide you with the resources and tools needed to bring affordable and responsible financial services to your community!

Topics to include:

•Benefits of credit unions focused on serving low-income communities;
•Credit union organizing and start-up processes and procedures; and
•Best practices from successful credit union organizers

Start Time: 09:00 am
Date: 2010-11-8
End Time: 16:00 pm

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