Support CEDAW- Call Senator Durbin

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law, chaired by Senator Durbin (D-Ill), will hold a hearing on CEDAW  November 18th, 2010This is the first hearing on CEDAW since 2002, and the first-ever hearing on the ratification of a human rights treaty in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The hearing will focus on the importance of the United States remaining a world leader on human rights issues and ratifying this critical treaty. Please add your voice in support of women!

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is the only international human rights treaty to focus exclusively on the rights of women. It has been ratified by 186 of 193 countries worldwide. The United States is one of seven countries that have failed to ratify CEDAW, joined by countries such as Iran, Somalia, and Sudan. The treaty protects fundamental human rights, addressing violence against women, the right to vote, sex trafficking, and access to education, among other issues.

SAMPLE MESSAGE for Senator Durbin: Call (202) 224-2152

As your constituent, I am calling because I cannot understand why the U.S. Senate has failed to ratify the CEDAW Treaty for the Rights of Women. It is critical to ending violence against women and girls and to providing economic opportunity. I urge you to support immediate ratification.

The United States should strive to be a leader and to set a positive example for the rest of world by its commitment to women and expanding women’s rights.  I urge you to work to ensure immediate ratification of the CEDAW Treaty.

Tell DHS: Respect Passengers’ Privacy Rights

There are 70 airports around the country already using the controversial body scanners. These machines use low-dose radiation to produce strikingly graphic images of passengers’ bodies. Further, their effectiveness in keeping us safe is debatable. Authorities at DHS say you can opt out of the naked scan. But doing so will subject you to new and highly invasive manual searches of your body, including your most intimate parts by TSA officers.

The government is also searching and seizing laptops and other electronic devices of international travelers. Never before in history have customs officers been able to routinely pore through a lifetime’s worth of letters, photographs, purchase records and other data with no suspicion.

With the holiday travel season fast approaching, we need to make sure that security measures are in place that actually make us more secure without compromising passenger privacy. Sign the petition to DHS Secretary Napolitano.

Action Sponsor: ACLU

Tell Congress Why the Bush Tax Cuts SHOULD Expire

What’s at Stake

The economy is in shambles. People everywhere are struggling to make ends meet. So naturally, Republicans are worried about the richest Americans.

They’re looking to make Bush’s tax cuts for the rich—which expire at the end of the year—permanent. The worst part is that some right-wing Democrats have already come out and agreed with the Republicans’ reckless approach, and the White House has signaled that they’re open to compromising on this issue.

This has to be the worst idea since—well, ever. And to show just how bad an idea it is, we’ve decided to gather 1 million reasons why the millionaire tax bailout is a bad idea.

We’ll use the ideas you submit in a multimedia campaign around the country, and stage a high-profile event to deliver them directly to Congress. Can you contribute a reason—or five or 10—right now? They can be as simple and short—or creative—as you want. Click here to submit your reasons.

The Bush tax cuts for the super rich aren’t just bad policy, they are bad politics too. Voters consistently reject extending those giveaways in poll and after poll.

And economists agree that the top 2%—the richest folks who the Republicans are going to bat for—don’t spend this money, meaning this tax giveaway doesn’t have any stimulative effect on the economy. But struggling families will spend it. They need relief now, and that will help our economy.

With Republicans committed to bailing out their rich, corporate friends to the tune of $700 billion at the expense of middle class families, it is essential that Democrats stand up.

Can you submit a few of your own reasons for why the millionaire bailout is a bad idea right away?

Thanks for all you do.

–Nita, Peter, Michael, Daniel, and the rest of the team

Action Sponsored by MoveOn

Drop the I-word

Definition of Illegal(s):

a damaging word that divides and dehumanizes communities and is used to discriminate against immigrants and people of color. The I-Word is shorthand for illegal alien, illegal immigrant and other harmful racially charged terms.

About the I-Word Campaign

The I-Word Campaign represents a broad spectrum of individuals and communities from across the country that are demanding respect and rejecting the I-Word, “illegals,” as a designation of their neighbors, children, families and themselves.

Through the I-Word Campaign, our community of everyday people, business leaders, human rights advocates, religious and labor groups, attorneys and journalists nationwide call on media outlets to uphold reason, dignity and ethics by dropping the I-Word.

Using Racial Code as a Divisive Tactic

Use of the I-Word affects attitudes toward immigrants and non-immigrants alike, including people of color who come here from all over the world. The racially discriminatory message is not explicit, but hidden, or “coded.”

The term has deliberately been made popular in the media by a web of people and organizations that both promote anti-immigrant sentiment and encourage fear and division instead of facts and understanding.

This has happened in the past with other communities. The good news is that together we can Drop the I-Word and hold media and public servants accountable.

If you stand with us against racism, bigotry and nativism, pledge to drop the I-word here.

Action sponsored by Color Lines