Tell DHS: Respect Passengers’ Privacy Rights

There are 70 airports around the country already using the controversial body scanners. These machines use low-dose radiation to produce strikingly graphic images of passengers’ bodies. Further, their effectiveness in keeping us safe is debatable. Authorities at DHS say you can opt out of the naked scan. But doing so will subject you to new and highly invasive manual searches of your body, including your most intimate parts by TSA officers.

The government is also searching and seizing laptops and other electronic devices of international travelers. Never before in history have customs officers been able to routinely pore through a lifetime’s worth of letters, photographs, purchase records and other data with no suspicion.

With the holiday travel season fast approaching, we need to make sure that security measures are in place that actually make us more secure without compromising passenger privacy. Sign the petition to DHS Secretary Napolitano.

Action Sponsor: ACLU

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