Fix the Filibuster!

A new year means a chance to wipe the slate clean. The Senate can take advantage of that opportunity  by changing its rules and fixing the filibuster.

Until 1970, the Senate averaged approximately one filibuster per year. But in the last two congressional sessions, the filibuster was used roughly 70 times per year and threatened an untold number of times. Too often, Senators haven’t been able to debate, let alone vote, on important pieces of legislation.


But they can change all that, starting in 2011.

Please call now and tell your Senators that you want reform of the filibuster rules. The toll-free number to connect to the Capitol Hill switchboard is 1-877-426-8013. 

While many people associate the filibuster with the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” today’s reality is extremely different. The unprecedented use of the filibuster and holds, often done in secret and out of the view of the American people, is a disservice to our democracy.

Filibuster reform has the potential to promote better legislation, less partisan gridlock and greater transparency and accountability.

The new year offers a fresh chance for the Senate to change its rules and fix the filibuster once and for all.


Please call 1-877-426-8013 to be connected to your Senators’ offices. Check out  for talking points and tell us about your call.



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