Please write Gov. Brown to support equal protection rights

If you or your community has ever been impacted negatively by a voter-initiative, we NEED YOUR SUPPORT. AB 2646 (Ting) has made its way through the Senate and Assembly and currently awaits Governor Brown’s signature. If he does not hear from enough stakeholders, there is a chance the Governor will veto this bill. AB 2646… Continue reading Please write Gov. Brown to support equal protection rights

Fix the Filibuster!

A new year means a chance to wipe the slate clean. The Senate can take advantage of that opportunity  by changing its rules and fixing the filibuster. Until 1970, the Senate averaged approximately one filibuster per year. But in the last two congressional sessions, the filibuster was used roughly 70 times per year – and… Continue reading Fix the Filibuster!

Support the DREAM Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. – For close to ten years, MALDEF and other organizations have pushed to make the DREAM Act (the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act) into a reality. Earlier this year, the Migration Policy Institute estimated that roughly 825,000 immigrants would benefit from the Act. According to recent research from UCLA, a… Continue reading Support the DREAM Act