June 8, 2010 Voter Guide

Your Rights, Your Voice. June 8, 2010 marks the California Primary Election. There are five propositions on the ballot. We have provided short descriptions of each proposition and have detailed how it would impact your rights. Make YOUR voice heard. PRINT this guide and take it with you to the polls! Currently… What this means… Continue reading June 8, 2010 Voter Guide

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission

Learn How You Can Apply to Serve on the Commission and Ensure the Commission Reflects the Diversity of Our State In 2008, California voters passed Proposition 11, creating California’s first-ever citizens redistricting commission. The 14-member commission is responsible for drawing the state Senate, Assembly and Board of Equalization districts. The legislative lines drawn by the… Continue reading The California Citizens Redistricting Commission

California Coalition for Civil Rights Asks Feinstein to Oppose Honaker

The California Coalition for Civil Rights sent Sen. Feinstein a letter yesterday asking her to oppose Richard Honaker’s nomination: As one of only three district court judges in Wyoming, Mr. Honaker would wield considerable power over the people of the state if confirmed. He would also be eligible to sit by designation on the Court… Continue reading California Coalition for Civil Rights Asks Feinstein to Oppose Honaker