Let CA Vote

Dear Allies, Are you using your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the word out and encourage legislators to LET CALIFORNIA VOTE on the revenues we need to prevent another $9 billion in cuts to schools, health care and human services? If you’re on Twitter, please start using the #LetCAVote hashtag to encourage legislators to let California… Continue reading Let CA Vote

Fix the Filibuster!

A new year means a chance to wipe the slate clean. The Senate can take advantage of that opportunity  by changing its rules and fixing the filibuster. Until 1970, the Senate averaged approximately one filibuster per year. But in the last two congressional sessions, the filibuster was used roughly 70 times per year – and… Continue reading Fix the Filibuster!

Support CEDAW- Call Senator Durbin

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law, chaired by Senator Durbin (D-Ill), will hold a hearing on CEDAW  November 18th, 2010This is the first hearing on CEDAW since 2002, and the first-ever hearing on the ratification of a human rights treaty in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The hearing will focus on the… Continue reading Support CEDAW- Call Senator Durbin

November 2nd Civil Rights Voter Guide

CLICK the image to PRINT and TAKE this voter guide to the polls. Prop 19: Legalize Marijuana (Read More) CCRC takes no position on Prop 19. CCRC recognizes that decriminalizing the use and possession of marijuana,especially in light of the overrepresentation of people of color who are incarcerated for such a crime, may be a welcomed… Continue reading November 2nd Civil Rights Voter Guide