Progressive Communications Structure

Finding Our (Collective) Voice and Making It Heard Do you wonder why the catchwords and messages of the Right have such traction in the media marketplace, while progressive voices seemed to be drowned out? The California Civil Rights Coalition is committed to finding effective, powerful, and creative ways to express our shared messages, and to… Continue reading Progressive Communications Structure

Civil Rights State of the State Agenda

9:00am      Registration/ Breakfast 9:30am      Welcome and Overview of Coalition Tom Saenz, MALDEF &  Eva Paterson,  Equal Justice Society 10:15am    California Budget Crisis and Tax Policy Create a united platform & develop  strategies to achieve working solutions to the budget crisis 11:15am    Policy Priority Issues Groups will update each other on their organizational priorities and how they are pursuing… Continue reading Civil Rights State of the State Agenda

Civil Rights State of the State

Please join leaders from civil rights organizations across the state to come together to discuss the latest on social justice issues in California from the budget crisis to immigrants’ rights, from education equity to environmental justice.

Support the DREAM Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. – For close to ten years, MALDEF and other organizations have pushed to make the DREAM Act (the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act) into a reality. Earlier this year, the Migration Policy Institute estimated that roughly 825,000 immigrants would benefit from the Act. According to recent research from UCLA, a… Continue reading Support the DREAM Act