Nonprofits Talking Taxes

Nonprofits Talking Taxes is a fast2paced workshop offered at no cost for nonprofit organizations in California seeking ways to talk about the state and local budget crisis and the key income solutions. This 902minute workshop will help your organization to thoughtfully consider and participate in policy solutions by helping staff form their own opinions about the role of public funding… Continue reading Nonprofits Talking Taxes

Help Cut Drug War Waste

Dear Friends, Please join me in asking Governor Brown to cut drug war waste in California prisons by reducing the penalty for possession of a small amount of drugs from a felony to a misdemeanor. Over 9,000 people are currently locked up in state prison and thousands more in county jails for these offenses at a cost… Continue reading Help Cut Drug War Waste

New Redistricting Tool

Don’t miss this once-in-a-decade opportunity! NEW Redistricting Tool available The time has come for the Citizens Redistricting Commission to visit your area. They want to know where YOU want to draw the lines for state senate, assembly, and congress, and how they can best help you achieve fair representation for your communities. As part of our… Continue reading New Redistricting Tool