Let CA Vote

Dear Allies, Are you using your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the word out and encourage legislators to LET CALIFORNIA VOTE on the revenues we need to prevent another $9 billion in cuts to schools, health care and human services? If you’re on Twitter, please start using the #LetCAVote hashtag to encourage legislators to let California… Continue reading Let CA Vote

Prop 27: Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting

Prop 27: Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting. Consolidates Authority for Redistricting with Elected Representatives. Summary: Eliminates 14-member redistricting commission selected from applicant pool picked by government auditors. Consolidates authority for establishing state Assembly, Senate, and Board of Equalization district boundaries with elected state representatives responsible for drawing congressional districts. Reduces budget, and imposes limit on… Continue reading Prop 27: Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting

Prop 26

Prop 26: Increases Legislative Vote Requirement to Two-Thirds for State Levies and Charges. Imposes Additional Requirement for Voters to Approve Local Levies and Charges with Limited Exceptions. Summary: Increases legislative vote requirement to two-thirds for state levies and charges, with limited exceptions, and for certain taxes currently subject to majority vote. Changes Constitution to require… Continue reading Prop 26

Prop 25

Prop 25: Changes Legislative Vote Requirement to Pass a Budget from Two-Thirds to a Simple Majority. Retains Two-Thirds Vote Requirement for Taxes. Summary: Changes the legislative vote requirement necessary to pass the state budget from two-thirds to a simple majority. Provides that if the Legislature fails to pass a budget bill by June 15, all… Continue reading Prop 25